The mission of The Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations [CCCUN] is to facilitate the interchange of information among civil society organizations, the United Nations, and the public in order to promote more profound understanding of world problems, their effective solutions, and rapid implementation.

Goals & Objectives

We seek acceleration in the uses of information systems, including improved methods of communication as well as better understanding of the United Nations’ multiple purposes, its complex structures, and its wide range of accomplishments.

Our objectives are:

  • To increase support for the United Nations in its programs for a peaceful, sustainable, just, and high quality of life for all in the global community.
  • To promote the continuing development of the United Nations as an effective, transparent, and democratic representative of all people, around the world; and,
  • To enhance the growing role of civil society organizations in achieving these objectives.


The CCCUN is a voluntary, civil society organization accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC] and affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information [DPI]. It holds a 501c3 not for profit tax status. Members includes professionals from diverse fields, as well as from traditional and newer information and communication technologies, such as television, radio, video, film, Internet services, social networks, public speaking, and print, as well as those responsible for communications in various other civil society organizations.

Past and Current Programs

The CCCUN was founded in 1946 as the Speakers Research Committee for the United Nations and is, thus, one of the oldest civil society organizations organized to work with the United Nations. Subsequently the name was change to the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations [CCCUN] and activities have included organizing conferences and presenting speakers, featuring Nobel Peace Laureates and other prominent leaders in world society. The group produced “Global Student Voice” newsletters in print and, in those days, for short-wave radio. It facilitated various meetings and conferences over the years on methods to develop more directly democratic processes in United Nations policy making and communications. Among its other programs, CCCUN participates actively in the planning and presentation of the annual United Nations Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations.

 Its recent programs have included ambassadors and representative of UN agencies, and distinguished civil society representatives addressing issues of human rights, health, sustainable development, disability, economics for the common good, youth development and in particular with regard to communication in these areas.  Current thematic areas include environment & development,  education, global governance, health & science, and resilient communities

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